Attack of the Trash Mutant & Sam the Junk


Attack of the Trash Mutant

I had to take a couple weeks off from the stream this month, but now we’re back to working on our B-movie monster. Last week we did a rough layout for the poster and continued to work on the sculpture for our pose.

The current draft for our b-movie is:

Scientist Dr. Sal Reynolds is demoted for doing dumb experiments like that baking soda / vinegar volcano on his company’s dime. His new department is at his corporation’s dumping ground in rural Ohio. On his first day he falls into a trash hole and accidentally unearths some kind of seagull mutant or something. It’s tired of living off garbage and wants to eat people.

Ok, come and hang out with us on Twitch on Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST.

Muh Twitch

Sam the Junk 1.1

The comic is coming along slowly, but I’ve had to take a small detour to try and figure out how to draw people the same way every time.

I already have a 3d dummy head for Sam. It’s not perfect, but I can turn it and place it however I want, and it seems to work pretty well for reference and painting over. It helps me make her look roughly the same every time.

Jackie started out looking one way and then I drew her another way and now I’m confused and my perfectionism is making me crazy.

I’m really trying hard to work on my perfectionism, but when something like this happens I’m looking at the older pages and sweating the fact that they don’t match.

It takes a long time to do these heads, but I think it’s going to be worth it in the end. Once I do it once I have it and I won’t keep going back to drive myself up a wall with inconsistent characters faces.

Maybe next time I’ll have Jackie’s face modeled in 3d and I’ll post it.

The art for one of the latest pages.

Talk to you next time.