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Dateline: Morganton, NC. March Something.


I’m driving east while the sun is rising and I’m driving west while it’s setting, so it’s directly in my eyes the whole time. On the way back, squinting, the only thing I’m thinking about is how much fried chicken I want to eat because that’s how I get when I’m tired and cranky.

And since I’m tired and I’m listening to sad bastard music on the stereo; business-wise, I don’t know if it makes a lot of sense. Morganton is a 60 mile drive. Adjusted for time, cost of materials and other expenses I’m probably making about $10 a hour. Isn’t that less than minimum wage in some places?

Later - with a belly full of fried chicken I thought about the day and how it was very much like an early spring outside. And how I drove with the windows down most of the time and there were daffodils everywhere I looked.

I painted this in Morganton

I met someone who told me about all the ghosts she has seen, including a ghost horse. She was wheeling a dog around in a baby stroller. I would have never known of the existence of this person if I had stayed home.

I got two newsletter sign ups, and someone wanted to know when the painting I was doing would be for sale. Neither of those things happen while I’m painting alone in the studio.

In comparison: this past Saturday I ate a shameful amount of pizza and played video games most of the day.

Which one of these is a better use of my time do you think?

If you said the first one, we’re in agreement.

Yes, it would have been nice to sell $40,000 worth of art in Morganton that weekend, but I didn’t and it was pretty nice anyway.

So I’ll see you at the next one.

And I was on the Radio

On 3/2, I was on a show called “Dreamers and Doers” with Carol Anders. We talked about a lot of things and I think it was a good conversation about lowbrow art. She kept having to tell me to get closer to the mic, and eventually I think I got it.

You can listen if you want:


Asheville FM

I have no idea what time it is because half the clocks in my house are an hour behind, but I think it’s almost Spring.

So, Happy Spring ♥️

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Transmissions from the Studio
Transmissions from the Studio
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