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How It's Going, How It Went

Good things happened, and I got older, which is neither here nor there.

Hickory went ok

but I didn’t sell a lot of stuff. I don’t know if people have a whole lot of extra money right now - especially the young ones. Some go by the NASDAQ to see about the state of the economy. I go by cage free egg prices; and they’re $7 a dozen right now.

I did meet some nice neighbors, and I painted a new painting.

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Before I left town with my hair blowing in the wind I went by my parents’ house for a minute and helped my step mom do a 23 and me because she hates the internet.

While we were getting that sorted there was this show on TV about pets, and there was a story about a dog who imitated its owner’s injury out of empathy.

I’m gonna be on the radio

There’s a local radio show on AVL FM called “dreamers & doers” and I’m going to be on that show this Thursday (3/2) at 9am. I’ll probably go on tangents. I’ll probably seem weird. I’m going to try not to curse.

You can listen live on their player:


The station:

It was my birthday this week

It’s too much pressure. I ate a lot of Easter candy.

this is me

I’ll be in Morganton this Saturday

This show takes place on a basketball court

And finally…

I listened to this song on the way to Hickory to get pumped up.

It’s best to listen to this song while driving fast:


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