Jackie's Head, etc.


My new studio is all set up and it has a big ole floor AC that blows directly onto me when I’m working. You can see it under the desk in this shot.

I’m very ready for Fall. The air smells good. Is that weird to say?

This heat is too much. Over the last month or so if I don’t go for a walk before 7am it’s not happening. From my window it looks fine - almost inviting. Sunny, birds chirping. But the second I walk out my front door I say ‘nope’ (out loud) and walk back in.


We got a little further on our b-movie poster. I forget the doctor’s name, but he’s pictured here with business in the front and party in the back.

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Next time we’ll be starting on painting this bad boy. The stream is a lot of fun. You should come by sometime and hang out if you don’t already.

Jackie’s Head

Last time I was talking about how Jackie was too looking different in every panel of Sam the Junk (my comic) and my perfectionism was not allowing it.

I painted a turn around of the character and then made a 3d model of her head.

I don’t spend too much time worrying about the details, I just want the features to be in the right place and to have the big shapes consistent.

Here’s one of the pages of Sam the Junk using the head as reference. I’ve redone this page more times than I want to admit.

Life Drawing

I’ve started going back to life drawing sessions after not going for 18 months. I’ve was doing a lot of online study, but it’s not the same as in person.

I’m a little rusty in some ways, and I think I’ve improved in others. I’m hoping that the thousands of hours of reading boring anatomy books and making millions of bad drawings have been paying off at least a little.

Either way, I’m immediately hooked again. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Here are the highlights from the last session:

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

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